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Autumn Term 2017

Regular Weekly events

Term Begins                                                      Monday 18th September
Roy's Talks                                                        Monday 18th September 10.00am
Wind Band                                                        Tuesday 19th September 7.00pm
Hindhead String Ensemble (Adults)                  Tuesday 19th Sept 7.00pm
Hindhead Symphony Orchestra (Adults            Tuesday 19th Sept 8.15pm
Mini Music begins                                              Wednesday 20th & Thurs 21st Sept 4.00pm
Suzuki Violin Groups                                         Saturday 23rd Sept 9.00am & 10.00am
Children's Training Choir                                   Saturday  23rd Sept 11.50am
Children's Senior Choir                                      Saturday  23rd Sept 12.20pm
Surrey Strings                                                    Saturday  23rd Sept 3.30pm   Grade 4-7     Age 7-10 years
First Orchestra                                                   Saturday  23rd Sept 4.30pm   Beginners approx. Grade 1-3 Age 6-9 years   
The String Quartet                                              Saturday  23rd Sept 5.30pm
Associated Board Exam Entry Run Through     Monday 25th September  & Tuesday 26th September
Bela Hartmann Lecture/Recital                          Sunday 8th October 10am till 4pm                                

             Half Term Sunday 22nd October - Sunday 29th October

Associated Board Theory Exams                          Tuesday 7th November 5pm      King Edwards School, Witley
             accompanied instruments only                  Monday 20th November
Pre-Exam-Run-Through (pianists,harps, guitars    Tuesday 21st November
Adult Pianists' Evening                                           Thursday 23rd November 8.00pm
Trinity College exams                                             Monday to Friday 20th to 24th November
Soloists concert                                                      Saturday 25th November 7pm
Late Learners Evening (HSO) and Wind Band       Tuesday 28th November 7.45pm                         
Marjorie Irby Master Class                                      Friday 1st November 9.30am
Children's Choir Concert                                         Saturday 2nd December 12.45pm
2 Children's Orchestras Concert and Quartet         Saturday 2nd November 7pm 
End of Summer Term                                               Sunday 3rd December
Associated Board Exam                                          Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th December


Spring Term begins: Monday 8th January 2018


Term Times

Autumn Term 2017

Monday 18th September - Sunday 3rd December
(Half-term: Sunday 22nd October - Sunday 29th October)

Spring Term 2018

Monday 8th January - Sunday 25th March
(Half-term: Sunday 11th - Sunday  18th February)





Calendar of musical events and courses at Hindhead

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