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Social music-making

For many people one of the main benefits of taking music lessons at the Hindhead Music Centre is the whole variety of "extra-curricular" activities which the Centre offers - giving opportunities for a child's (or an adult's ) musical life to be more than just the weekly private lessons linked with hours of practice at home.

We offer our pupils a huge range of social events where they can share their musical interests and meet to play together. There are orchestras, choirs, workshops, pupils' concerts and social evenings and much, much more.

Group of students learning violin

Pupils' Concerts

The Centre holds a number of concerts given by pupils, with the object of giving them the opportunity and experience of performing to a friendly audience, and helping them to learn how to polish and present their performance, how to perform rather than just play, and how to overcome any problems of nerves.

None of the concerts described below are intended as 'show-case' events, and all the performers are volunteers.

End of term Pupils' Concert

The end of every term is celebrated with a Pupils' Concert at 7.00 pm on the last Saturday of term. This is followed by a party to which all performers and their friends and families are free to come. Auditions are held a week or so ahead, and the requirement for prospective performers is the same for all our auditioned concerts ie. the performer must be able to play his or her piece accurately and musically, regardless of whether it isa pre-Grade 1 minuet or a Chopin Ballade. The concert is open to any pupil to play, and therefore provides a wonderful cross-section of performers from 3 or 4 year old violinists playing Twinkle, Twinkle, to adult post-graduates. Admission is free and is open to anyone to attend - and to enjoy the party afterwards.

Teachers' Concerts

Many of the tutors regularly organize concerts given by their pupils to friends and family, with drinks and nibbles afterwards. These events are very valuable in building up rapport between teachers, pupils and parents.

Yearlings' Concerts

For pupils who have learnt for less than a year.

The "9's and Under" Concert

A twice yearly event for pupils aged under ten. There is no audition, unless there are too many applicants to fit into a reasonable length of programme.

Children playing the cello

Adult Musical Evenings

Adults often find the ordeal of performing at a formal concert is far too much even to contemplate, and yet anyone learning a musical instrument will enjoy and benefit from meeting others in the same predicament and hearing them play. With this in mind, the Centre holds regular informal get-togethers for adult pupils. We provide wine, and we always have a large number of volunteers to play in this friendly atmosphere. All such events are free to all; they are yet another of the unique services we provide to encourage our pupils to enjoy their music, and to share this joy with those of similar interest.

Adult Beginners' Evening

Every term we hold this event for our adult pupils up to about Grade 5 standard,covering all instruments. They are invited to a glass or two of wine and a chat. with an opportunity for to play a piece if they would like to. Anyone may play, an accompanist is available for singers and orchestral instrumentalists.

Adult Pianists' Evening

Each term we invite our adult pianists to a similar social gathering, to have a glass of wine, a chat and to play the piano if they feel so inclined. No-one has to play, however we advise everyone to bring their music just in case they suddenly feel brave. These are very happy social events and always hosted by the principal. Other similar gatherings are held on a more irregular basis.

Saxophone lessons

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